The roller coaster of fun and laughs starts with Kapil’s wife looking for Kapil and welcomes everyone to Comedy Nights with Kapil. As she is speaking, Kapil walks in and starts insulting his wife and her family. Both of them start accusing and counter accusing each other. Kapil’s wife warns him that if her brother listens to his talks, he will show him as to who the boss is. Kapil mocks her and she calls her brother, Salman Khan, on to the stage. Salman walks on to the stage and is welcomed and greeted by a thunderous applause from the audience. Watch this episode and have a wonderful time seeing and enjoying the humorous side of Salman Khan.

Renowned, actor-comedian Kapil Sharma makes his debut as a TV show producer with his new show Comedy Nights With Kapil. He will be seen multiple roles of an actor, scriptwriter and producer in his production debut. Already famous for his amazing comic timing and his talent to dig humor out of any situation, he is ready present everyday life in a fresh ad unique way.

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